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Redefining the boundaries and standards of excellence, we strive to meet the needs of our website audience continuously, delivering FC Shakhtar branded products to any destination in the world, thereby expanding the geography of our fanbase.

Branded clothing and merchandise

The widest range of products bearing your favourite club’s logo! For every activity and occasion, from player kits to household items. A great selection of souvenirs, products for children and our private collection will allow every Shakhtar fan to make a present, regardless of their gender, age and preferences. The quality of goods, their prices, our flexible discount system alongside the goods ordering and shipping convenience will delight the shop.shakhtar.com audience.

The online shop features a special Puma collection bearing the FC Shakhtar crest. Those are playing (home and away) and training outfits, winter and autumn coats, shoes, boots, gloves, shin pads and bags, as well as exclusive footballs.

We have a massive selection of souvenirs and merchandise: key rings, pennants, stickers, magnets, bracelets, wristbands, cups, balls with images and autographs of the players and so on. There are special VIP souvenirs, as well as products for the youngest fans: children's outfits, Mole toys, Football toys and others.

We also have a great selection of casual wear presented in our summer and winter collections: jackets, hats, scarves, baseball caps and more.

The shop offers a unique service of applying your name or the number and name of your favourite player onto a branded Shakhtar shirt.

Top product quality

100% quality control is exercised at all stages of production. We guarantee that the branded FC Shakhtar items meet the modern safety and functionality requirements, the current sanitary legislation of Ukraine, the GOST national standard and full product specifications.

Saving your time and fast delivery

We accept and ship orders all over the globe. Our delivery partners are Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta. While in any city or country, you can be 100-percent sure that the goods will be delivered within the shortest term possible!

Custom-tailored approach

Consultations available at the special hotline numbers:
+38 067 637 1936
+38 050 367 1936

E-mail: [email protected]

We are always open for communication. Your feedback is very important to us.

See you at the shop.shakhtar.com and enjoy your shopping!