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Football cards «History»

SKU: 003335
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Material: paper / cardboard box Сard size: 10x15, 20 pcs in the pack

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You are invited to recall the team’s glorious history in faces of the legendary players and coaches, the personalities, without whom Shakhtar would not have been what it is today! The reverse side of the card is designed as a postcard.

The set features 20 cards with profiles (term at Shakhtar, the number of apps and goals scored):
- Oleg Oshenkov;
- Mircea Lucescu;
- Vitaliy Starukhin;
- Yuriy Degtyaryov;
- Viktor Grachyov;
- Aleksandr Sopko;
- Viktor Prokopenko;
-Gennadiy Orbu;
- Gennadiy Zubov;
- Dmitriy Shutkov;
- Valeriy Kriventsov;
- Anatoliy Timoshchuk;
- Sergei Popov;
- Mikhail Sokolovskiy;
- Andrei Vorobei;
- Julius Aghahowa;
- Jadson;
- Fernandinho;
- Luiz Adriano;
- Darijo Srna