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Nike HYPERVENOM football boots

SKU: AJ3811-001
999,00 UAH 1 899,00 UAH
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The TF pad with shock-absorbing spikes, which distributes weight and load, is distinguished by the durability and high estimation of players. The shape of the spikes and their special design will allow you to make the most high-tech tricks, unpredictable feeds and sharp turns. The high-tech elastic top of the shoe is made of modern synthetic materials, which give a tight fit and convenience during the games. This helps to more effectively control the ball in different weather conditions.

Nike Hypervenom 3 Club TF 001 T-shirt Nike Hypervenom Soccer shoes with which you can show the highest results and achieve great success. The shock absorber and the quality materials used in this model will allow you to experience the benefits of really good football shoes.

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